Pool Lighting

Pool lights make a huge difference when it comes to enjoying your swimming pool. Not only do they make your pool available to use at night, but they can transform your whole entertainment area into a beautiful oasis.

There are several types of lighting to choose from, depending on what suits your purpose, budget and preferences. We are able to to help design and select the best lighting to complement your pool and water features.

Our services include the following:
  • Underwater Light Bulb Replacement – if the bulb has blown out, then we can often just install a bulb and gasket in the existing fixture. If the fixture is full of water or if the cord is compromised, then the fixture will need to be replaced.
  • Light Fixture Replacement – if your light fixture needs to be replaced, our experienced repair technicians will remove the new fixture, pull a new fixture and secure it into the niche and test it out.
  • LED Bulbs and Fixtures – we offer LED light fixtures for most of the standard pool light niches. These use 85% less electricity and the bulbs last a lot longer. We also offer LED light bulbs that can be used in standard light fixtures.

Whatever you pool repair needs, you can trust Aries Pools to perform your work in a prompt, professional and safe manner.

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