Pool Heating Solutions

With the winter months making the usage of the swimming pools virtually down to zero, our pool heating solutions can help lengthen the joy of swimming.


Adding a heater to your pool allows you to get more use out of it during the year. There are many different makes and models to choose from, including electric heaters, gas heaters and solar heaters. All have advantages and disadvantages so the decision should not be taken lightly. Let us know your needs in terms of your budget for purchasing and installing the heater as well as operating costs and maintenance. If energy efficiency and environmental friendliness are a concern, we can help you make the best choice.


Pool covers heat your pool by locking in the warm water naturally. The cover also prevents heat loss to keep your pool warmer for longer. And if you use a heating system to warm up your water, you can turn it down to save power.

Pool covers also offer other benefits:

  • Pool Covers Save Water: Stop water loss by up to 98%. A pool cover prevents evaporation – you no longer have to fill your pool as often thus saving water! It also reduces chemical usage.
  • Pool covers save on chemicals and cleaning time: Keep your pool sparkling clean by covering your pool with a pool cover when not in use. The pool cover prevents foreign matter from falling into the water, which reduces cleaning time and chemicals.

Treat yourself to the year-round leisure lifestyle and enjoy pool parties, family fun and fantastic memories.

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